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Thousands more people every day are realising the benefits of online therapy and are seeking counsellors online to talk to at their own convenience. Being able to access support with just a click and an email via your smartphone, tablet or laptop, has allowed my clients to connect with me without some of the issues that can arise with face to face sessions.

Confidential.  Anonymous. Convenient.

Here are some of the reasons some clients will choose online counselling:

  • ​Convenience - no travelling or transport issues, connect anywhere eg: home, car, work etc

  • Accessibility - perhaps you live in rural area or work abroad

  • Anonymity - this is very helpful for people who are trying counselling for the first time - it destigmatises the process 

  • Comfort - people can feel more at ease when they have their session at home

  • Social Anxiety - also if you suffer from agoraphobia, driving anxiety or social situations, where leaving the house is difficult for you

  • Physical restrictions - disabilities, illnesses and other limitations that make travelling to therapy very difficult

  • Childcare Issues - it can be hard to organise the time needed for you to leave you children/child to get the support you need

I have seen many clients online via Skype and sometimes my 1:1 clients may request that they continue their sessions whilst they are away from their usual environment.  My online clients range from being in Ireland, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Brazil and beyond.  That's the wonderful thing about online therapy - support is closer than you think.


I am currently living in South America and I can't express how important it has been for me to have access to online therapy as I have been experiencing some challenges in my life and it was important for me to be able to express my thoughts in my native tongue: English. Online therapy really worked for me as not only do I get meaningful, insightful, and confidential support to explore the root causes of my anxiety, but I get it all from the comfort of my own home. I can't recommend it enough.  Helen is a true professional who has helped me to change my own life for the better.  Through her online therapy, I now have the tools, perspective and awareness that I have been searching for, to be able to find my path through all the noise of daily life.


At first I was a little nervous about how it was going to work, but having tried online therapy with Helen, it has made me see how easy it is to get the help I needed without having to arrange my day or evening around it.  It was invaluable to me because my schedule is so busy and now I feel that part of my support network is at the tip of my fingers, which is hugely important in not feeling so alone as I did before.


I think everyone should try online therapy, as it means that you can get the support very quickly and easily.  I was having a particular bad time and felt I needed to book in with Helen.  She was able to see me that day and we had our session in my lunch hour - it was so helpful in reducing my anxiety, and gave me clarity which I really needed that day.


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