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Goals of Therapy

  • Increase self esteem

  • Become more self accepting

  • Improve on our relationships in life

  • Ability for Authentic Decision Making

  • Personal Validation

  • Receive support through transitional periods

  • Personal Growth & Development

  • Increase Clarity

What to Expect
Therapy has moved on greatly since the days of our parents and grandparents approach to dealing with how we feel. A world of research and a shift in perspective and personal experience, has proven beyond doubt, that to value our own mental and emotional health is the foundation to a balanced and happier life. Whilst partners, families and friends can be a huge source of comfort and support, sometimes we cannot tell them exactly how we are feeling for fear of upsetting them or raising issues that may involve or effect them in some way. 
Therapy is a journey of self discovery and I am here to  support you.  Together we will look at in detail, the things that matter most to you and to listen (sometimes for the first time) how you truly feel.  I am a very emphatic person and I offer you a confidential space, where we can journey together and explore what no longer supports you. In doing so, we can build on your understanding, which in turn will increase your awareness around the possibility of living a more empowered and authentic life.
It is by finding compassion towards ourselves, that we are able to also find the courage to face the reality of our own human experience.
Therapy is a confidential collaboration - a working together between client and therapist that allows access to parts of ourselves that we may feel overwhelmed by and unable to change.  In the absence of judgement and in the presence of unconditional support, the therapeutic space is different from any other - It can be a very liberating experience. 




  • ONLINE and Face to Face - each session will last 50 minutes at a cost of £75
  • After initial free introduction/chat, I also offer 20 minute sessions at a cost of £35 - Online only
  • I offer a Concessionary rate of £40 (low wage or in receipt of social welfare) 
  • Single Session of Coaching or Emotional Support is 90 minutes at a cost of £125
  • Email & Telephone counselling is also available - Whatsapp, Facetime, Messenger
  • I offer long term counselling and short term solution focused therapy


My sessions with Helen have been a godsend. Thank you for recommending her. She's incredibly professional and insightful and has made such a difference to me.  I'm really going to miss her and our sessions but I am so grateful to her for providing such as wonderful service.


I can't recommend Helen enough if you have a child who needs support. She has been an invaluable support to my son through his anxiety, fears and dealing with the impact of a long term illness.  He trusts Helen completely. His emotional literacy has come on so much. He now has the awareness to know if he might need to talk to Helen. And he thinks lots of kids he knows should be going! Thanks Helen!


I feel extremely fortunate to have met Helen.  Her support and energy has helped me through a very difficult time. She guides you into your own world where you get to see it differently - I feel so much stronger in myself and I've got to know myself a lot better - I can't thank her enough! 


You can skype, email or call me on my mobile for an initial, no obligation chat prior to booking your first session.  If I am unable to answer, please leave a message with your name, telephone number and a convenient time for us to talk - I will return your call within 24 hours.

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